Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 ways to improve your Facebook Business Page

Social Media Objectives
  • Expand brand presence
  • Engage in dialogue with consumers and vendors
  • Promote products and promotions
  • Announce new vendors, products, etc.
  • Increase awareness of business and sales


#1: Be Engaging
  • Post fresh content daily- the pages with the most engaging content interact with fans daily-by posting daily.
  • Space out your post: example 6 post over 24 hours- 1 every 4 hours
  • Schedule a post ahead of time: Hoot Suite
  • Ask Questions
  • Post engaging content

#2: Leverage Facebook Ads

#3: Have a Posting Strategy
  • Plan ahead special promotions, events, and sales. Do not expect to have a massive response to a posted about something happening the same day. Use the post to drive traffic to your website and to guide the user to familiarize themselves with your brand.

#4: Use Hashtags Intelligently

  • You really need to stop using so many hashtags on your brand's Facebook Page, according to a new report (though, it's probably a good rule of thumb for your personal page, too).
  • DON'T’S

o   Don’t use hashtags in every post,
o   Don’t hijack a common hashtag just to try and show up in results
o   Don’t hashtag senseless words — like #huzzah or #awesome
o   Don’t stuff your post with hashtags — 1 or 2 is enough! –

#6: Monitor Page Insights
  • Measure:

o   Virality of post
o   Likes
o   Reach
o   Talking about this
o   Check-Ins
o   Traffic Source


#7: Post photos & Events

  •          Photos should be an integral part of your posting strategy. Take a look at the screenshot
  •        Images catch our attention & are easy to consume.

  • Add events and any upcoming sales to the Events tab.  This not only builds the page but makes it a useful stop for fans.  You can also post an announcement about an upcoming vendor on a certain day/time to drive traffic to page

#8: Leverage your cover photo
  •             The cover photo is the first impression your brand will make to new visitors so to make a good impression make sure you use an image that speaks about your brand

#9: Find the right voice
  • Polite tone: Keep a polite and measured tone on status updates and replies.  Be sure to avoid personal information and be explicitly clear if replying to inquiries to avoid miscommunication
  • Avoid spelling mistakes: Make sure spelling and grammar is correct on profile information, updates and photo labels.  Don’t use “text” grammar such as lower case letters, abbreviations, etc.

  • Don’t be too commercial: Post vendor sales information respectfully.  Facebook is not for advertising (it offers an ad option separately at cost) but is a social community.  Post in a fun and conversational tone to interest others

#10: Promote your page

  • Add Facebook link to email signatures: By adding a small link to “like” your Facebook page at the bottom of your email signature, you provide the opportunity to increase the number of people who like the page

  • Promote page on business cards and other communications

  • Include links to website, releases, RSS feed, etc.


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